Herd is a holistic service designed for children with cochlear implants to aid in their auditory/oral practice. With Herd, children can easily continue their practice at home, in a comfortable environment. 

Herd comes with a companion, robotic, toy elephant to facilitate independent learning. With auditory/oral play-therapy activities, children develop speech and hearing skills for interpersonal communication and learning. All of these fun activities are created to establish empathy, refine motor skills and achieve general childhood developmental goals. 

The recurring subscription pack is complete with learning toys and activities appropriate for each child’s interests and developmental stages. These specialized toys can interact with the elephant in real time, or be used on their own. The developmental packs arrive based on children’s hearing age. Themed and customized packs, based on children's interests, are also available to keep learning exciting.  

In the mobile app, parents can find pack information and activity resources. They can also receive personalized support from Speech Language Pathologists and teachers by recommending new packs and goals. 

Final Presentation

My Role:

A group project where I helped serve many roles for my team;
a researcher, visual UI designer, presenter, and helped conducted user testing


Winter & Spring of 2020
20 weeks


Jessica Wheeler, Angela Martin, Megan Shirley, Bernard Sahdala